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Djenné (also Djénné, Jenné and Jenne) is a town and an urban commune in the Inland Niger Delta region of central Mali. The town is the administrative centre of the Djenné Cercle, one of the eight subdivisions of the Mopti Region.

Jenne can refer to: Djenné, a city of Mali. Jenne, Lazio, a city and comune in the province of Rome, Italy.

Jeanne (French pronunciation: [ʒan]) is a French female name, equivalent to the English Joan, Jane, Jean and several historical figures in English named Joanna. (Feminine forms of John). Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc in English). Queen Jeanne I of Navarre. Queen Jeanne II of Navarre.

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Дже́нна (англ. Jenna) — женское личное имя. Распространено преимущественно в англоговорящих странах. В западном мире является разновидностью и краткой формой имени Дженифер и через него своими корнями уходит в корнский язык...
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